Purple Penguin Fitness Intro Program by Jenn Vazquez

Purple Penguin Fitness Intro Program

Intro to the 5S Fitness Method

If you're ready to stop stuffing yourself into your jeans, you're ready for 5S.

If you want a program specifically for busy women who don't have time for gourmet meals and commutes to a gym and you're ready to create healthy habits that last, you need 5S. It's fitness made simple in less than 30 minutes a day right from home, and your kids, pets, and coworkers can join in too!

What is 5S?

5S is Jenn V's Signature Fitness Training Style which includes the 5 crucial S's of a well rounded fitness program. The 5 S's are: Stability, Sweat, Strength, Stretch, and Smile! Each S is vitally important!

Stability = balance and range of motion.

Sweat = low impact cardio for endurance and heart health. 

Strength = body weight strength training for strong muscle, joints, and bones.

Stretch = improve flexibility and loosen up tight muscles.

Smile = have fun and enjoy the process! It's recess time - let's play!

You'll have exclusive 5S workout videos that break down each 'S' and build up to a full 5S workout. 

You'll have new videos released each phase as you progress through at your own pace.

You'll have lifetime access to the online videos to come back to as many times as you want!

You'll learn foundational techniques to feel more confident in your body without intimidation, torture, or punishment.

What's included?

Video Icon 9 videos


Phase 1: Stability
5S Stability #1 (in office) 13 min
13 mins
5S Stability #2 (on Beach) 11 min 58 sec
12 mins
Phase 2: Sweat (Endurance)
5S Sweat #1 Workout 20 min 21 sec
21 mins
5S Sweat #2 13 min 06 sec
14 mins
Phase 3: Strength
5S Strength #1 16 min 55 sec
17 mins
5S Strength #2 27 min 17 sec
28 mins
Phase 4: Stretch!
5S Stretch #1 (Flow) 20 min 57 sec
21 mins
5S Stretch #2 (Deep Stretch on Floor) 17 min 59 sec
18 mins
Final Phase
5S Final Phase Workout (Smile!) 20min 06 sec
21 mins