Welcome to Purple Penguin Fitness!

If you've tried every diet, gym membership, infomercial program, or magic weight loss pill but still haven't been able to make fitness a lifestyle, you're in the right place.

Welcome to Purple Penguin Fitness where smiles are just as important as strength. Around here we are penguins. We are silly, wobbly, friendly, and we are a community. Welcome to the family!

Purple Penguin Fitdamentals Club

Get in shape with effective, gym quality workouts simplified and accessible for all levels without leaving home! On Demand workout videos from any device. Plus, an online community of other Penguins for accountability and support.

About Us

Quick intro to Purple Penguin Fitness and Jenn V, the Founder.

Fitdamentals ™

Fitdamentals are the Fitness Fundamentals Jenn V uses in her own life and with her clients. She's written a book, and created a monthly membership club, all about the Fitdamentals to help you get started. Basically, it's a simplified approach to the things that make the biggest difference in your health in a way that's doable long term. Everything Purple Penguin Fitness offers is based on the Fitdamentals™.
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Free Consult Chat

Free conversation to answer your fitness questions. Consults are quick 20 minute sessions where we will briefly review your health history, limitations (if any), and current fitness level to assess how (if) I can help you reach your goals (or set some goals to reach)! Sessions are online via video call or in person in my Framingham MA studio.
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Jenn Vazquez

Purple Penguin Fitness is owned and operated by Jenn Vazquez who believes fitness and a healthy life can (and should)  be fun and maintainable. After being overweight, depressed, and insecure for most of her teens and early adult life, she finally figured out how to stop dieting and torturing herself with exercise she didn't enjoy. Now, in her 40's she actually craves physical activity and healthy food - crazy! 

Purple Penguin Fitness is all about enjoying the journey, honoring your strengths, likes, and dislikes, and playing with new activities to improve your mood, health, and happiness. It's convenient (all of our services are virtual). It's effective - you WILL get results. And it's FUN - you will definitely laugh!